Miltonpriest is an artisanal design & manufacturing studio located in northern France. We produce handmade furniture & objets d’art, utilising both traditional and contemporary processes.

The furniture we create has its origins in utilitarian / industrial design, which we admire for its aesthetic integrity born out of absolute necessity. The form of our furniture is less concerned with visual harmony and formal balance, placing instead an emphasis on ‘aesthetic integrity’ through the empirical enquiry of everyday objects and their surroundings. The pieces take on a narrative, personified by the subjects they reference, imbuing them with honesty and, at times, humour.

We are a small business, which relies on the environment for much of our precious materials and personal well-being. We invest much time and consideration into eliminating or minimising the impact of our working practices and products on it. Like our small French community, we share a moral obligation to source, when available, locally made materials and services. Much of the wood we utilise is grown and milled within a twenty kilometre radius of our workshop. We are also of the opinion that crafting something with passion, using fine materials and design, will ensure its long-term sustainability.

The work is produced in low quantities with meticulous attention to detail. This allows it to be personalised to the client’s individual requirements.