The farming community utilises the scientific theory of levers with the addition of weight to improve the traction of machinery. When pulling implements, like a plough, through the ground, the added drag causes tractor tyres to spin. Counterweights are added to the front of the machine, such as 35kg slabs of steel bolted in series to the frame, facilitating the distribution of weight on all wheels, thus preventing wheel slip and loss of efficiency. On Randall, one 35kg mass has been utilised as a counter balance. This allows for a large, unsupported overhang at the opposite end, permitting a person to be safely seated on the extremity without tipping.

The day bed is part one of the ‘EIEIO’ series, which references the local habitat in rural Brittany.

FRAME: Powder coated mild steel / cast iron
UPHOLSTERY: Wool blend


Length 2700mm
Width     600mm
Height    530mm


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