The Peanut Gallery

Birdland, a jazz club in New York, was named after Charlie “Yardbird” Parker, the regular headliner who was enjoying undisputed popularity as a jazz artist. Owned by Irving Levy, Morris Levy, Oscar Goodstein and six other partners, it was purchased from Joseph “Joe the Wop” Catalano in 1949. The name reference was carried through into the feature of caged finches inside the club. The venue seated 500 people and had space for a full orchestra. It had a long bar, tables, booths and a fenced-in bullpen — a drinkless area, nicknamed “the peanut gallery,” where teenagers were sometimes allowed to watch.

CAGE: Powder coated mild steel
CROW: Cast resin with cast bronze legs/feet
LEGS: Wenge
TOP: Carrara marble

Height 712mm
Diameter  500mm


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