The Twonky

My Uncle Len lived a short drive away from ours, past ‘The Chip Plaice’ on Stoney Lane and then a bit more. His house was a new-build, looking the same…

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Burt Mulgrew, was a stone deaf, average height fellow with a random tick.  Like many of the Irish community, he lived in terraced housing tied to one of the largest…

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The Peanut Gallery-wide1A

The Peanut Gallery

Birdland, a jazz club in New York, was named after Charlie “Yardbird” Parker, the regular headliner who was enjoying undisputed popularity as a jazz artist. Owned by Irving Levy, Morris…

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Cow in Lanscape with farmstead beyond-website front page-3

Cow in a Landscape

Cattle, colloquially referred to as cows, are domesticated ungulates, a member of the family Bovidae, in the subfamily Bovinae and descended from the aurochs (Bos primigenius). They are raised as…

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The farming community utilises the scientific theory of levers with the addition of weight to improve the traction of machinery. When pulling implements, like a plough, through the ground, the…

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Gentlemen’s clubs, established in 18th century London, took over the role occupied by coffee houses and reached the height of their influence in the late 19th century.  The first clubs,…

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Chuckle Bros-wideA

Chuckle Brothers

Crows are omnivorous and their diet is very diverse. They will eat almost anything, including other birds; fruits; nuts; molluscs; earthworms; seeds; frogs; eggs; nestlings; mice and carrion. More prevalent…

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Monsieur Flaubert-wideA

Monsieur Flaubert

  Over the pines the crows Are crying and calling out In a tongue that no man knows, Out of an agonized throat. The bitter unspeakable tones Lash the air…

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The limousine is a luxury car, typically with a lengthened wheelbase, driven by a chauffeur. The chassis may have been extended by the manufacturer or by an independent coachbuilder. These…

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Little Trees, disposable air fresheners in the shape of a stylized evergreen tree, are marketed for use in cars. Made of a material very similar to beer coasters, they are…

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